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Budget Plans

We at Hewitt Home Heating think that home comfort only makes sense when it’s affordable. After all, could you even call it home comfort if the price you pay for it makes you feel uncomfortable? We work with families of all different sizes and households of all different income levels, and want to make sure that our fuel is affordable to each. We don’t want to see you stressing to make payments when you use and need your heating the most, during the winter months. To avoid this, we offer a 10-month Budget Plan, which runs from September to June and allows you to spread your home heating payments out across the year, by dividing your annual expenses into 10 equal payments. This way, your bills won’t spike during the fall and winter, and drop off during the spring and summer, and you’ll be able to budget your heating expenses like any other monthly bill.


Credit Cards Accepted

For your convenience, we also accept payment via Visa and MasterCard. For more information on Hewitt Home Heating’s payment options, feel free to contact us online or call.